Shanghai LXZXL Chemical Company Limited was set up in Mar 2008. Are engaged in paint experts team who has more than 30 years working experience Europe, US and Asia Pacific coating market, the professional marketing, sales, color, logistics teams are as support.
Devotes in helping users:
  - Solve technical problems
  - Improve painting quality
  - Promote painting efficiency
  - Increase painting benefits

亚博体育在线登录_亚博体育手机网页版_亚博体育网页版. Combined US, Western European, Japanese world coating leaders' advacned product system, knowhow and experience, organically binding with Chinese local users demand. Is providing the most appropriate coating product system and painting process for each user. And, assisted by technical training and field technical support, is guaranteeing each user obtains satisfied painting result.

亚博体育在线登录_亚博体育手机网页版_亚博体育网页版, the management objective is to meet each customer's needs, by professional logistics and marketing team, by analyzing user's demand segmentation, providing in time logistics service to all users.

亚博体育在线登录_亚博体育手机网页版_亚博体育网页版, is devoting in achieving enterprise society responsibility, by beneficial for the environment, the society, and to all employees.

LXZXL Chemical - Exclusive Distributor of Akzo Nobel CV Paint. Agent of Japanese Chugoku Marine Paint, Norway JOTUN Paint, US SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Paint. 

LXZXL Chemical - Professional Paint and Painting Solution Supplier

D72-74 No.313 Xiuyan Road Pudong Shanghai
Tel: 86 21 2092 9081, 2092 9082, 2092 9083

Fax: 86 21 2092 9080

Technical Service Center: Floor 6 No. 2 Building 4777 Jiasong Bei Road Shanghai
Postcode: 201814

Shanghai Downtown Office:D72-74 No 313 Xiuyan Road Pudong Shanghai   Postcode:201315
Tel:86 21 2092 9081, 2092 9082, 2092 9083 Fax: 86 21 209 29080
Technical Service Center: Floor 6, No. 2 Building, No. 4777, Jiasong Bei Road, Shanghai   Postcode:201814   Tel:59506133
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