Engineer Niu's Field Service No.4  

One night of late autumn, the mobile phone rings, Engineer Niu hesitate a little, then pick up the phone. 

"Hi, can I speak to Engineer Niu of LXZXL Chemical?" An anxius man's sound is transferring from another side of the line.

"Yes, who is speaking please!"

"I'm the deputy general manager of a power distribution cabenit producer, Mr. Zhang. We are meeting some painting problems; I have your mobile phone number from one of your customers. When we are spraying asphalt paint, we always have problems, can you please give us help?"

"No problem, I will arrange a visit or a phone meeting soon, and will check if I can find a solution for you." As usual, Engineer Niu agrees.

Late afternoon of next day, Engineer Niu phones Mr. Zhang, learns more details of their problems, and then, prepares a draft solution for Mr. Zhang.

   - Sand old paint film;

   - Use epoxy primer + PU topcoat recover the old film;

   - Recommend another paint system without asphalt paint.

"Engineer Niu, you are really professional, all our problems be solved, the results are satisfied." When Engineer Niu does field service in Mr. Zhang's company, the deputy general manager expresses his appreciation.

   “我是奉贤一个配电柜生产厂的张副总, 现在遇到一些喷漆的问题,请问你们那里有沥青漆吗? 我们这里用的沥青油漆出现表观问题。我从你一个客户那里得到了你的电话,望能帮忙解决。”


   - 需要用打磨设备打磨原来漆膜,
   - 使用环氧底漆+聚氨酯面漆体系覆盖原来漆膜,
   - 推荐将来不使用沥青油漆时的油漆体系。


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