Frequently Happened Painting Application Problmes and Solutions

1. Curing Problem

Curing equipment being used for too long time without maintenance; drying time is not enough; use wrong hardener; the hardener was stored too long time; the hardener was not added according to right ratio.

Do not use hardener over shelf life. Some products are sensitive to humidity, if the humidity is too high or too low, those products will not be dried.

2. Gel Dots

The product is not stored properly, or, the product itself is not suitable.

3. Orange Peel

The main reasons of the orange peel are paint flash-off, and, the level of wet or dry of wet paint film.

4. Air Bubble

Air system is not stable with leakage problem.

5. Dust

Painting environment and paint equipment problem, improve paint environment and quipment conditions, or, choose faster surface dry product.

6. Paint Peeling

The substrate is polluted or is not clean, the paint system is not suitable, the paint film is not dried enough.

7. Poor Adhesion

Same as No. 6

8. Gloss Variance

The film thickness is not controlled well, the ratio of hardener is wrong, the paint is not fit for the painting method.

9. Product Corrosion

The paint anti-corrosive properties is not good enough, or the primer is not dried enough.

10. Fish-eye, Sinkhole

The substrate is not pre-treated well, there is oil on the substrate surface, or, the paint is polluted.

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