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In the beginning of 2010, a well known European company Shanghai office contacts Engineer Niu. They are supplying parts of machines. Before, they imported products, along with sales increase, they started localization.

In painting phase, the company is importing certain brand which is being used in HQ in Europe, but when they are using it in China, they are having many problems.

After be analyzed by Engineer Niu team in customer's workshop, spray parts and compares in the lab,  Engineer Niu finds following events:

Production process of mechanical parts:

1. Machinery works - Blast - Spray primer - Heat and dry - Spray topcoat - Heat and dry - Pack;

2. Currently the company is using modified alkyd primer, with good adhesion and cost advantages.

Current Problems

1. Paint film peeling

2. Paint film cannot be dried after couple of days.

Possible reasons after analysis

1. Because the blasting is done by a sub-contractor, after certain hours of parts be blasted, the surface will be oxidized. If primer cannot be sprayed within certain hours after blasting, it will bring alkyd primer adhesion problem.

2. Shanghai is locating beside Yangtze River, is very humid, espacially in the summer time, in this kind of working environment, alkyd paint is difficult be dried.


1. Within certain hours after the parts be blasted, the primer must be coated. Meanwhile, before spray primer, the parts need be degreased well.

2. Change paint system, replace alkyd primer by 2K epoxy primer.


The suggestion from Engineer Niu is accepted by the company, and painting team is trained by Engineer Niu how to use 2 components paint. After a small batch trial, the company is satisfied by epoxy primer system.

If you know how many hours after the blasting, the primer must be coated to avoid corrosion and adhsion problem, you can send your answer to by e-mail to; you will receive a small award from 亚博体育在线登录_亚博体育手机网页版_亚博体育网页版.

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