Engineer Niu's Field Service No. 3

One day, Engineer Niu visits a customer. Close to the end of visiting, the customer asks help, another department of the company is meeting some problems of their painting, asks Engineer Niu having a look and provide solution if possible.

Engineer Niu agrees and visits that workshop. From the pictures of customer claims, Engineer Niu summarize following problems:

1. Adhsion problem;

2. The products be arrived in Europe, there is corrosion problem.

Engineer comes to the workshop, carefully check cleaning line, cleaning process, painting process, spray line working conditions.

"Change the primer, it is must, because if continue using 1 component primer, no matter what kind of product, the adhesion and corrosion problem cannot be solved. It must be replaced by 2 component primer based on current pre-treatment conditions. What kind of product can replace? Seems no suitable product on hand for their spraying line." Engineer Niu thinks about it deeply.

That day night, Engineeer Niu checks hundreds of 2 components primers. One primer could be used, but the color is brown, not grey what customer requires.

That day after, Engineer Niu phones the technical manager, asks if can bring grey color product formula from overseas. The technical manager agrees, and will exclusively produce it for this customer.

In couple of days, Engineer Niu receives the sample, very fast drying 2 component epoxy primer, which can be air dried within an hour, color is light grey.

After that, as Engineer Niu did many times, he brings sample to the customer, does the trial, tests all properties which customer asks. The trial results are satisfied.

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